ResBaz 2018

ResBaz events will be happening around the world throughout 2018. The focus will be on the traditional late January / early February timing, however a number of sites have expressed an interest in hosting mid-year events, which is something we are hoping will take off in years to come.

If you’re interested in running an event, here are the steps required to make that happen…

1. Join the conversation

Subscribe to this blog (see left) to make sure you don’t miss our regular newsletter for ResBaz organisers.

To keep up with the news between newsletters, email us and we’ll add you to our ResBaz page on Slack. As well as using Slack to join the global conversation, many sites are creating their own channels on the ResBaz page for site-specific chat.

2. Plan your event

In the left-hand sidebar of this website, you can find information on the history and philosophy of ResBaz, as well as ideas for classes and social events that you might want to run.

3. Advertise your event

Once your plans are taking shape, you’ll want to start making some noise about your event. Here’s how to go about doing that:

  • The main ResBaz 2018 website has a map with pins corresponding to each of the host sites around the world. If you click on the site names about that map they take you to the dedicated webpage for that site.
    • To create and launch your own site page, head to the GitHub repository which hosts the source code for the website. The README file has instructions for creating site pages.
  • Please use the #ResBaz hashtag whenever tweeting about your event
  • If you need a copy of the ResBaz logo for advertising purposes, you can find it (in many different file formats) at this folder of the GitHub repository from last year
  • You can use whatever online platform you like to manage registrations (e.g. Eventbrite, Google Forms). We are working on a survey about the digital research tools that people are using (that we’ll be asking organisers to consider using as part of their registration process), but it’s not quite ready yet 🙂


Tentative list of sites for 2018 so far (see the website for confirmed sites):

  1. Perth (23-25 Jan)
  2. Dunedin (7-9 Feb)
  3. Oslo (7-9 Feb)
  4. Melbourne (20-22 Feb)
  5. Tucson (29-30 Mar)
  6. Brisbane (6-8 Jun)
  7. Sydney (3-5 Jul)