ResBaz 2015

The first ever ResBaz conference was held at the University of Melbourne in February 2015. While a typical academic conference focuses on what delegates are researching, the ResBaz conference focused on how they conduct that research. It turns out that while researchers from different fields usually have little in common in terms of their research results (i.e. the stuff of regular conferences), they often have a lot in common with respect to the digital tools used to generate those results.

Consistent with the spirit of ResBaz, the conference focused on creating opportunities for researchers to share their digital skills. The formal classes on topics such as computer programming and computer aided design were taught by practicing researchers (as opposed to IT professionals), and the social activities had a strong knowledge sharing component. You can read more about the event at this page of the ResBaz Melbourne blog.

In the hope that the event might spread to other university campuses, 50% of all attendees at the inaugural University of Melbourne conference were from other institutions. Many of those people returned home and organised their own ResBaz events in 2016.