Who’s in charge of ResBaz?

As much as possible, ResBaz is a leaderless movement. A core group of experienced ResBaz coordinators (led by Damien Irving) provide support to organisers of upcoming ResBaz events through the provision and maintenance of this blog (for regular updates and event ideas), a website for organisers to host the details of their upcoming event, and general advice via email (research.bazaar@gmail.com), online chat (via Slack) and/or our regular online community calls. Otherwise, ResBaz is entirely community driven.

Is my event eligible to be an official ResBaz conference?

The defining feature of a ResBaz Conference is that it brings together classes on many different aspects of digital research, with the inclusion of social activities around those classes to encourage networking and knowledge/skill sharing among participants. For most of those classes the instructors have run the training several times before and have had that training quality assured by a third party (e.g. Software Carpentry ran a number of instructor training courses in the lead up to ResBaz Conferences in 2015, 2016 and 2017). There is typically a large number of helpers in the room to assist learners (e.g. 1 helper for every 5-10 learners) and most of the instructors and helpers are themselves active researchers, as opposed to professional IT or library staff.

Of course, there are no hard and fast rules on this stuff. If you think you might like to run a ResBaz Conference, get in touch and we can figure out whether your event does qualify this time around, or whether a ResBaz Conference is something you can work towards in future. For example, you might run a single Software Carpentry or Data Carpentry workshop this time around, and then build up to a ResBaz Conference in future by adding a social program and additional classes.