Off and running for 2020

ResBaz 2020 is officially underway, with ResBaz Oslo delivering a jam-packed three-day event this week around the theme Research Data for Everyone.

Later this month, the first ever ResBaz will be held at UW-Madison, featuring a number of pre-bazaar workshops (including Software Carpentry) prior to a busy two-day program.

For those planning to host events later in the year, check out the ResBaz 2020 page for details.

Announcing our ResBook!

Dejan Jotanovic was one of the founding members of The Research Bazaar, and formerly the Digital Spaces Manager at Research Platforms (ResPlat) Services at The University of Melbourne. Dejan has spent his last year living in Brooklyn, New York as a freelance writer drinking awful American coffee. Prior to this he has completed a Master of […]

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ResBazador Newsletter: October 2017

Hi ResBazadors,

The end of the year is fast approaching, which means it’s time to start thinking about ResBaz 2018 for those sites going with the traditional late January / early February timing. Here’s the latest news:

1. We are kicking off monthly community calls this week

Last year we found that monthly community calls were a great way for organisers to share their experiences and keep in touch. To start with we are going to hold the calls on the second Thursday of every month at 1pm Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time (AEDST, which is GMT +11 hours), which means the next call is on 12 October. On the day of the call we’ll post the link to the Google Hangout in the ResBaz chat on Slack, so please get in touch ( if you don’t already have access.

2. The 2018 website is up

A big thanks to Tim Dettrick for helping us out with the code for the new 2018 website. The team from Perth are out of the blocks fast and already have their page up, so if you’d like to join them (even if it’s just placeholder information at the moment) all the instructions for creating your own page are at the GitHub repository.

3. This blog is the single source of information for organisers

The feedback from last year was that there were too many wikis and other sites with information for organisers. This year we’ve consolidated everything in the pages in the toolbar on the left, so have a browse through those pages and see if there’s any information we’ve missed.



Damien Irving
ResBaz Global Coordination Team

ResBazador Newsletter: November 2016

Hi ResBazadors,

The end of the year is fast approaching, which means ResBaz 2017 is just around the corner! Here’s the latest news:

1. A record number of sites for 2017!

At this stage it looks like 14 sites will host events during ResBaz week (30 Jan – 5 Feb) or shortly thereafter, up from 10 sites in 2016. Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Dunedin, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Hobart are locked in and up on the website, while Sydney, Canberra (maybe), Oslo, Tucson, Oklahoma and Vancouver will go up shortly. If you know of any other sites that might be interested, please get them to contact

2. Don’t forget the core registration questions

A list of globally consistent registration questions has been compiled by a group of representatives from across the ResBaz network. Sites can use whatever online platform they like to manage their registrations (e.g. Eventbrite, Google Forms), but we ask that at a bare minimum this core set of questions be included in the registration form. The (anonymised) results will be analysed after the event to get an overview of the global ResBaz attendees.

3. Next community call

Our monthly community calls are proving to be a great way for organisers to share their experiences. These calls are held on the last Thursday of every month at 1pm Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time (AEDST, which is GMT +11 hours), which means the next call is on 24 November. On the day of the Hangout we’ll post the link in the ResBaz Slack, so please get in touch if you don’t already have access.



Damien Irving
ResBaz Global Coordination Team


ResBazador Newsletter: September 2016

Hi ResBazadors,

Since our last newsletter things have been busy for many of the ResBaz communities around the world, with a whole bunch of great workshops happening in the last few months (e.g. check out the Software Carpentry recent workshops page and the ResBaz Melbourne blog). As we move towards the end of the year, a number of sites have also started to turn their attention to ResBaz 2017. Here’s the latest news:

1. A common set of registration questions

A group of Resbazadors got together over Google Hangout last month to discuss the possibility of adopting a common registration system for ResBaz 2017. Almost right away, it became evident that no single system would be able to accommodate the varied needs of all the sites, so the group resolved to instead come up with a set of common questions. Each site can use any platform they’d like (e.g. Eventbrite, Google Forms) and ask as many questions as they’d like, but at a minimum each site will asked to include the set of common questions in their registration process. This will allow us to get a good picture of the overall global ResBaz attendance. If you’d like to have a say what the common questions are, you can view/edit the draft questions at this Google Doc and join the discussion at our “registration process” channel on Slack.

2. Monthly video calls

During the Google Hangout a number of people noted that it was great to chat about ResBaz preparations face to face. We’ve therefore decided to hold a Hangout on the last Thursday of every month, at 1pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST, which is GMT +10 hours). This time seems to work out well for sites in Australia, New Zealand and the Americas, and we can add another time if there’s interest from European sites. On the day of the Hangout we’ll post the link in the ResBaz Slack, so please get in touch if you don’t already have access. At the first Hangout session (Thursday 29 September) we will lock in the common set of registration questions, so make sure you get your comments in before that date.

3. A mid-year event in Oklahoma

The team at the University of Oklahoma are hosting their second ResBaz event of the year this week! (Check out the website for details.) Mid-year events are a particularly good fit for Northern Hemisphere sites, so hopefully things will continue to grow over the next couple of years and we can have two official ResBaz weeks per year, corresponding to the beginning of the academic year in each hemisphere.



Damien Irving
ResBaz Global Coordination Team

ResBaz New Zealand is on its way!

By Aleksandra Pawlik.

New Zealand is getting ready to run Research Bazaar in 2017! After successfully hosting the event in 2015 and 2016, NZ is working towards expanding the number of ResBaz sites on both South and North Island. In 2016 it was Auckland and Dunedin (with the main hosts being the University of Auckland and the University of Otago respectively). In 2017 we should see even more engagement from the New Zealand universities and research organisations.

The New Zealand eScience Infrastructure (NeSI) is working with all New Zealand ResBaz 2017 sites coordinating communication and providing support, in particular to the ones that are planning to organise the event for the first time.

ResBaz receives a lot of interest but also generates many questions among those who have never attended the event but are considering hosting it. In collaboration with the international ResBaz community, NeSI is trying to answer all these inquiries. For example, thanks to the ResBaz Cookbook we are able to provide potential hosts with ideas for various social activities. There is also advice on Kiwi-specific matters related to ResBaz coming from the experienced organisers in Auckland and Dunedin. Finally, we hope to establish some trans-Tasman mentorship links to help new hosts plan their events.

It is really exciting to see how ResBaz grows in New Zealand. If you are based in NZ and would like to join one of the sites, please send an email to and we will take you on board!

ResBazador Newsletter: July 2016

Hi ResBazadors,

While ResBaz week (30 Jan – 5 Feb) is still a fair way off, it’s great to see that a number of sites have already started planning their event. With initial preparations mind, here’s the latest news:

1. The website and cookbook are up!

For ResBaz 2016, organisers had two main online resources at their disposal: a public facing website for providing information to potential attendees, and a wiki (which we referred to as the “ResBaz cookbook”) for sharing ideas with the other organisers around the world. That model seemed to work well, so we’ve launched a website and cookbook for 2017.

Cookbook: The first thing to do when planning your event is to head over to the cookbook. Create a new page for sharing the preliminary plans for your location (email and we’ll give you write access), check out what’s planned at other locations and read over any new information for organisers.

Website: Once you’re ready to create your public facing webpage (it can have placeholders for information that will come later), nominate a web person in your team and have them create a new issue at the GitHub repository to let us know that you’re ready to get started. We’ll give your web person write access to the repository so they can create and maintain your page.

2. Registration working group

A number of people have suggested that it would be nice (i.e. less work for organisers and less confusion for applicants) to have a shared registration process across all sites. In order to explore the practicalities of doing this, we are asking each site to nominate someone to join a global registration working group (please email us their details).

3. Site specific channels on Slack

A number of sites have created their own channels on the ResBaz Slack account to chat about their event. If you’d like to be added to our Slack account to join in the discussion, please email and let us know.



Damien Irving
ResBaz Global Coordination Team

ResBazador Newsletter: May 2016

Hi ResBazadors,

Welcome to our shiny new blog for ResBaz organisers and helpers! We wanted to make our regular email newsletters publicly visible, so from now on they’ll be appearing on this site. If you’d like to continue receiving email updates, enter your details into the “Follow Blog via Email” panel on the left hand side.

Here’s what’s been happening:

1. Winning in Wellington

Congratulations to the team at Victoria University of Wellington, who ran a very successful event last week. That takes our grand total to 10 events for 2016!

2. From Gitter to Slack

Due to popular demand, we’ve decided to move our community messaging/chat from Gitter to Slack. One of the major reasons for this is that Slack allows for the establishment of multiple channels, which will be useful in separating out site-specific versus community-wide chatter in the lead-up to ResBaz 2017. It also doesn’t require a GitHub account, which is a barrier to uptake for some potential users of Gitter.

If you’d like to be added to our new Slack page, please email and let us know.

3. Dates for 2017

Some potential new host sites have already been in touch about ResBaz 2017, so we’ve started to look ahead to next year (as scary as that sounds for those still recovering from ResBaz 2016!). As is now tradition, ResBaz week has been penciled in for the first week of February (30 Jan – 5 Feb). We’re hoping most sites will be able run their events at some point during that week, but as was the case this year we’re happy to be flexible in cases where those dates just don’t work.

There had been some talk about a mid-year ResBaz event (it was felt that might be more convenient for Northern Hemisphere sites), but at this stage even the Northern Hemisphere sites seem happy with the February timing. If you would like to run an event mid-year we’re more than happy to help out, but at this stage (i.e. until there’s more demand) the official “ResBaz week” will remain an annual occurrence in February.

4. What did you think of the website?

Prior to launching the ResBaz 2017 website, we’re asking those people who were involved in maintaining their site-specific page at how they found the experience. Jump in on the GitHub discussion if you’ve got some thoughts!



Damien Irving
ResBaz Global Coordination Team