ResBazador Newsletter: November 2016

Hi ResBazadors,

The end of the year is fast approaching, which means ResBaz 2017 is just around the corner! Here’s the latest news:

1. A record number of sites for 2017!

At this stage it looks like 14 sites will host events during ResBaz week (30 Jan – 5 Feb) or shortly thereafter, up from 10 sites in 2016. Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Dunedin, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Hobart are locked in and up on the website, while Sydney, Canberra (maybe), Oslo, Tucson, Oklahoma and Vancouver will go up shortly. If you know of any other sites that might be interested, please get them to contact

2. Don’t forget the core registration questions

A list of globally consistent registration questions has been compiled by a group of representatives from across the ResBaz network. Sites can use whatever online platform they like to manage their registrations (e.g. Eventbrite, Google Forms), but we ask that at a bare minimum this core set of questions be included in the registration form. The (anonymised) results will be analysed after the event to get an overview of the global ResBaz attendees.

3. Next community call

Our monthly community calls are proving to be a great way for organisers to share their experiences. These calls are held on the last Thursday of every month at 1pm Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time (AEDST, which is GMT +11 hours), which means the next call is on 24 November. On the day of the Hangout we’ll post the link in the ResBaz Slack, so please get in touch if you don’t already have access.



Damien Irving
ResBaz Global Coordination Team



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