ResBazador Newsletter: September 2016

Hi ResBazadors,

Since our last newsletter things have been busy for many of the ResBaz communities around the world, with a whole bunch of great workshops happening in the last few months (e.g. check out the Software Carpentry recent workshops page and the ResBaz Melbourne blog). As we move towards the end of the year, a number of sites have also started to turn their attention to ResBaz 2017. Here’s the latest news:

1. A common set of registration questions

A group of Resbazadors got together over Google Hangout last month to discuss the possibility of adopting a common registration system for ResBaz 2017. Almost right away, it became evident that no single system would be able to accommodate the varied needs of all the sites, so the group resolved to instead come up with a set of common questions. Each site can use any platform they’d like (e.g. Eventbrite, Google Forms) and ask as many questions as they’d like, but at a minimum each site will asked to include the set of common questions in their registration process. This will allow us to get a good picture of the overall global ResBaz attendance. If you’d like to have a say what the common questions are, you can view/edit the draft questions at this Google Doc and join the discussion at our “registration process” channel on Slack.

2. Monthly video calls

During the Google Hangout a number of people noted that it was great to chat about ResBaz preparations face to face. We’ve therefore decided to hold a Hangout on the last Thursday of every month, at 1pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST, which is GMT +10 hours). This time seems to work out well for sites in Australia, New Zealand and the Americas, and we can add another time if there’s interest from European sites. On the day of the Hangout we’ll post the link in the ResBaz Slack, so please get in touch if you don’t already have access. At the first Hangout session (Thursday 29 September) we will lock in the common set of registration questions, so make sure you get your comments in before that date.

3. A mid-year event in Oklahoma

The team at the University of Oklahoma are hosting their second ResBaz event of the year this week! (Check out the website for details.) Mid-year events are a particularly good fit for Northern Hemisphere sites, so hopefully things will continue to grow over the next couple of years and we can have two official ResBaz weeks per year, corresponding to the beginning of the academic year in each hemisphere.



Damien Irving
ResBaz Global Coordination Team


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