ResBazador Newsletter: July 2016

Hi ResBazadors,

While ResBaz week (30 Jan – 5 Feb) is still a fair way off, it’s great to see that a number of sites have already started planning their event. With initial preparations mind, here’s the latest news:

1. The website and cookbook are up!

For ResBaz 2016, organisers had two main online resources at their disposal: a public facing website for providing information to potential attendees, and a wiki (which we referred to as the “ResBaz cookbook”) for sharing ideas with the other organisers around the world. That model seemed to work well, so we’ve launched a website and cookbook for 2017.

Cookbook: The first thing to do when planning your event is to head over to the cookbook. Create a new page for sharing the preliminary plans for your location (email and we’ll give you write access), check out what’s planned at other locations and read over any new information for organisers.

Website: Once you’re ready to create your public facing webpage (it can have placeholders for information that will come later), nominate a web person in your team and have them create a new issue at the GitHub repository to let us know that you’re ready to get started. We’ll give your web person write access to the repository so they can create and maintain your page.

2. Registration working group

A number of people have suggested that it would be nice (i.e. less work for organisers and less confusion for applicants) to have a shared registration process across all sites. In order to explore the practicalities of doing this, we are asking each site to nominate someone to join a global registration working group (please email us their details).

3. Site specific channels on Slack

A number of sites have created their own channels on the ResBaz Slack account to chat about their event. If you’d like to be added to our Slack account to join in the discussion, please email and let us know.



Damien Irving
ResBaz Global Coordination Team


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