ResBazador Newsletter: May 2016

Hi ResBazadors,

Welcome to our shiny new blog for ResBaz organisers and helpers! We wanted to make our regular email newsletters publicly visible, so from now on they’ll be appearing on this site. If you’d like to continue receiving email updates, enter your details into the “Follow Blog via Email” panel on the left hand side.

Here’s what’s been happening:

1. Winning in Wellington

Congratulations to the team at Victoria University of Wellington, who ran a very successful event last week. That takes our grand total to 10 events for 2016!

2. From Gitter to Slack

Due to popular demand, we’ve decided to move our community messaging/chat from Gitter to Slack. One of the major reasons for this is that Slack allows for the establishment of multiple channels, which will be useful in separating out site-specific versus community-wide chatter in the lead-up to ResBaz 2017. It also doesn’t require a GitHub account, which is a barrier to uptake for some potential users of Gitter.

If you’d like to be added to our new Slack page, please email and let us know.

3. Dates for 2017

Some potential new host sites have already been in touch about ResBaz 2017, so we’ve started to look ahead to next year (as scary as that sounds for those still recovering from ResBaz 2016!). As is now tradition, ResBaz week has been penciled in for the first week of February (30 Jan – 5 Feb). We’re hoping most sites will be able run their events at some point during that week, but as was the case this year we’re happy to be flexible in cases where those dates just don’t work.

There had been some talk about a mid-year ResBaz event (it was felt that might be more convenient for Northern Hemisphere sites), but at this stage even the Northern Hemisphere sites seem happy with the February timing. If you would like to run an event mid-year we’re more than happy to help out, but at this stage (i.e. until there’s more demand) the official “ResBaz week” will remain an annual occurrence in February.

4. What did you think of the website?

Prior to launching the ResBaz 2017 website, we’re asking those people who were involved in maintaining their site-specific page at how they found the experience. Jump in on the GitHub discussion if you’ve got some thoughts!



Damien Irving
ResBaz Global Coordination Team



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